Our COVID-19 Preparedness

In accordance with guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health, Vantage Surgery Center is rescheduling prior postponed surgeries and future surgeries. 

We recognize that this news, while promising, may leave you with more questions and lingering apprehension about safety. 

The thoughtful decision to begin to reopen came only after meeting a number of critical metrics, including the enhanced availability of lab testing and supplies and the sustained reduction of new positive COVID-19 hospitalizations. The re-opening also necessitated new social distancing, safety, and cleaning protocols to be in place, an adequate supply of PPE be on hand, and reasonable triggers be outlined should a spike in new cases or a surge of local hospitalization resurface.


How Vantage Surgery Center Keeps You Safe

We know that your health is a priority, and it is important that you access the care you need to address any issues or concerns you are having. We have taken the time to outline how you can access our surgical services and to describe the comprehensive precautions we have put in place to help ensure your safety. While we are offering all services, we are staggering some schedules as appropriate to allow for additional cleaning and to avoid having too many people in the facilities at one time.  

At Vantage Surgery Center, we take a multilayered approach to your safety while having any procedure, including:

  • COVID-19 testing combined with Pre-procedural quarantine
    • All patients must be tested for COVID-19 within 96 hours of their scheduled procedure
  • Asking screening questions during your pre-procedural phone call
  • Limiting visitors
  • Repeat screening questions on the day of your procedure
  • Distancing prior to and after your procedure
  • Disinfecting all patient areas before and after procedures
  • Escorting you to your ride home


What safety precautions are you taking to make sure the environment is safe and clean for me?

Your health and well-being are our very highest priorities. At Vantage Surgery Center, our leaders are invested in staying current with the most up to date guidelines and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We take infection prevention very seriously throughout our facility. In addition, we have carefully planned and taken extra precautions to help ensure that we are doing everything we can to minimize any risk to our patients and staff members.

Our staff works closely with our infection control and clinical quality leaders to ensure we observe the highest levels of safety.  We combine this knowledge with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New Jersey Department of Health.


We are implementing the following safety guidelines:

We are testing and screening.

  • Our pre-screening and COVID-19 testing measures are designed to identify anyone who has COVID-19 or is suspected to have COVID-19 before their arrival for a procedure or surgery.
  • All patients are instructed to self-quarantine at home, following their required COVID-19 test, prior to their invasive procedures
  • All patients are tested for COVID-19 within 96 hours of their procedure. If they test positive, the procedure will be rescheduled.
  • All staff members and physicians self-screen daily. They do not come to work if there is any sign of symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • All patients are screened upon arrival, either at the building entrance or when entering the service area.
  • We will immediately separate anyone in the facility who we believe may have COVID-19 before they come into contact with other patients, and then we will test for it.


We require universal masking and wear appropriate protective equipment.

  • All staff members and patients/care partners must wear masks in the facility
  • All surgical staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment including face masks, shields and gloves during every procedure.
  • Contactless check in measures are in place wherever possible so patients reduce contact with surfaces and staff at check in and check out.


We are extremely focused on keeping our facilities clean.

  • Surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, using products that are effective against a range of germs including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 
  • We clean our waiting rooms and high-touch areas like rest rooms and door handles frequently.
  • All patient areas, including operating rooms are cleaned and disinfected frequently, including before and after each patient, according to the guidelines of our infection prevention experts and the CDC. Deep cleaning occurs every night.
  • Hand sanitizer is always available.
  • Our doctors, nurses and all staff members sanitize or wash their hands before and after interacting with patients.


We are minimizing the number of people at the facility and practicing social distancing.

  • We are limiting the number of procedures we schedule to reduce the number of people in our facilities.
  • The number of staff members in exam rooms and operating rooms is limited, and only those essential to your care are present. 
  • No visitors may accompany patients into the hospital (except one parent or guardian for pediatrics). 
    • When ready to leave, we will safely escort patients to the car of the person picking them up. The driver must wear a mask.


How is Vantage Surgery Center keeping its waiting rooms, exam rooms and equipment clean and allowing for social distancing?

We clean and disinfect our facilities and environmental surfaces frequently, and all patient areas and operating rooms after each patient. We follow the guidelines of our infection prevention experts and the CDC.


What is Vantage Surgery Center doing to make sure I do not come into contact with someone who has COVID-19?

Our pre-screening and COVID-19 testing measures are designed to identify anyone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19 before their arrival for surgery or a procedure. If we believe a person in our hospital may have COVID-19, we will separate them immediately before they come into contact with other patients, and then test them for COVID-19.


How does Vantage Surgery Center make sure nurses, doctors and staff members aren’t sick?

All colleagues at Vantage Surgery Center answer COVID-19 screening questions every day and attest that they do not have symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19 infection.

Anyone who reports symptoms is instructed to leave work immediately and report to their primary care physician so that they can be evaluated and tested for COVID-19 if needed. Staff are not allowed to work if they have symptoms, and they must be cleared by their primary care physician before returning to work.


What precautions should I take before my surgery or procedure to make sure I do not get COVID-19? 

Instructions for Patients Undergoing Procedures at Vantage Surgery Center

  1. You should plan to self-quarantine at home following your required COVID-19 test. You are required to obtain your Covid-19 test within 4 days prior to your procedure.
  2. Vantage Surgery Center will ask all patients to quarantine at home prior to their elective procedures. For most patients this quarantine will begin immediately after their COVID-19 testing. We will further recommend that patients optimally quarantine for a full eight days pre-procedure if at all possible, recognizing that patients will need to leave their homes to be tested or to have other medical treatments, such as dialysis.
  3. Wear either a cloth or surgical mask when entering the center.
  4. Visitors and families are not permitted to enter the center, so please plan to enter unaccompanied. Exceptions to this are pediatric patients and those with special needs.
  5. Bring with you, in writing, the name and telephone number of your ride home.
  6. You will be screened at the center for any of the following symptoms: temperature reaching 100 degrees, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a new cough, sore throat, chills, muscle pains, or a new loss of taste or smell. Your procedure may need to be postponed if you have these symptoms. If you develop any of these symptoms while in your pre-procedure quarantine, please report them to your doctor.