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About Vantage

Located in Moorestown, NJ, Vantage Surgery Center is an Orthopedic Same-Day Surgery Center with state of the art technology and leading doctors who are experts in their disciplines. The highly-skilled team of surgeons, physician anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and nursing personnel, make Vantage Surgery Center a leader in patient care.

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Meet Our Physicians

Expert Team

Vantage Surgery Center brings together a world-class team of surgeons and orthopedic experts. In their hands, you can be sure your surgery will be performed by top-tier professionals who are passionate about providing effective and successful procedures, delivering compassionate care, and helping you along the road to recovery.

Our Mission

Consistently rated in the top 10% in patient satisfaction in the United States and recipients of a 3-year accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC,) Vantage Surgery Center prides itself on providing top-tier patient care in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

The experts at Vantage Surgery Center are well versed in performing orthopedic ambulatory surgery, or same-day surgery, with a focus on delivering highly personalized care. Since every patient is unique, we pride ourselves on treating all who come through our doors with quality care and the respect they deserve. Among our many services, we offer:

Sports Medicine

Issues with your muscles, tendons, nerves and more are common, especially for athletes! Treatments in Sports Medicine help you get back into the game faster!

Spine Surgery

An effective way of treating serious pain, increasing overall stability, and helping prevent deformities and abnormalities of the spine.

Hip & Knee Replacements

Whether you need a new hip or a new knee, our expert staff is highly-skilled in assuring these procedures are completed with care to get you back to daily life quicker.

Hand Surgery

Anything from a condition that has developed over time, such as carpal tunnel or arthritis, to a traumatic injury, such as a fracture or sprain, can cause pain in the hands.

Interventional Pain Medicine

The doctors at Vantage Surgery Center are well versed in pain management in order to ensure you are healing and getting back to your normal routine quickly!


We often forget how much we rely on our feet to support us each and every day. Proper care and treatment of issues will assure that you are pain free and have no issues getting around throughout the day!

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